Terrorism and Travel Protection

The ability to explore any part of the world is a remarkable enjoyment that modern advancements have made possible, but international travel is not without its risks. Regrettably, terrorism continues to be a threat, most recently with the attack in Barcelona, Spain. Such atrocities can be concerning for travelers planning their next trip. TripAssure travel protection plans offer coverage benefits and assistance services to help those impacted by a terrorist attack. Starting with the most important, making sure you are safe.

Are You Ok?

The first priority during a terrorist attack is ensuring your personal safety. TripAssure plans offer multiple emergency assistance services and coverage benefits to help

Emergency Assistance

The emergency assistance services are available 24/7, and can be reached by a collect call from outside the U.S. During an emergency like a terrorist attack, it is important to contact emergency assistance as soon as reasonably able. They can help arrange emergency medical transportation, treatment, get you to safety and relay emergency messages to loved ones back home.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Emergency medical evacuation is medical transportation to the nearest medical facility suitable to administer treatment. When medically necessary, this could also include medical transportation back to your home hospital.

Emergency Medical

As a separate coverage benefit, emergency medical is for the costs of treatment if you sustain an injury or unexpected illness. Again, it is important to contact emergency assistance as soon as you are able so the emergency assistance team can coordinate with the treating physicians.

Political or Security Evacuation

If a destination becomes unsafe, it is important to move travelers to safety. Political or security evacuation is just that; transportation from a place of danger to a nearby place of safety. This is based on a written recommendation from the local government authorities, or the U.S. State Department, that you leave the country. This is another service that is coordinated by emergency assistance, emphasizing once more the importance of making that call when you can if you are in an emergency situation.

Is Your Vacation Ok?

Though not as important as your personal safety in the event of terrorism, such attacks can ruin a vacation. This can be true whether on vacation, en route, or if the departure date is near. TripAssure travel protection plans offer multiple coverage benefits that can help with unexpected costs or reimburse trip costs that aren’t refunded.

Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation can reimburse 100% of your insured trip cost that is unused and not refunded to you, if the trip is covered for a cancelled reason listed in the plan. TripAssure Asset, Bridge, and Complete plans include a terrorist attack as a covered reason to cancel if an attack occurs in a city on your itinerary, within 30 days of the trip departure date. An event is considered a terrorist attack based on the designation from the U.S. Government, usually the State Department. Trip cancellation means the trip is cancelled before it has begun.

Trip Interruption

Trip Interruption coverage becomes effective once you depart on the trip. Similar to trip cancellation, trip interruption can reimburse the portions of your trip cost that are unused and not refunded if the interruption is due to a covered reason. Both coverage benefits are available based on the same covered reasons, so terrorism is also included in trip interruption. In addition, interruption can also reimburse additional transportation costs needed to either rejoin the trip or return home early.

Missed Connection

It is possible for a terrorist attack to impact a vacation, even if the attack didn’t occur at the destination. For example, an attack at a major airport in a different city could result in delayed and cancelled flights to and from other destinations. When your flight is delayed by the airline for three or more hours, the missed connection benefit in TripAssure plans can reimburse for additional transportation costs to join the departed trip and prepaid expenses for the unused land or water travel arrangements. This coverage also includes terrorism as a covered reason, but more broadly, a three hour delay by the common carrier is enough for this benefit.

Travel Delay

Similar to missed connection, the travel delay coverage benefit applies after any delay by the common carrier of at least six hours, including terrorism as a covered reason. Travel delay is meant to reimburse the unexpected costs during the inconvenience of a delayed flight. This includes lodging, meals, and local transportation.


It is possible that a terrorist attack could result in a claim for multiple different travel protection coverage benefits. What’s important is that TripAssure wants to make sure you are protected, and that your vacation is too. This information is meant to be a summary. Please refer to the plan documents for specific details, and contact TripAssure with any questions. Agents are eager to help.