Thwarting Winter Weather Woes

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means winter weather is here. Seasoned travelers know to expect the unexpected when it comes to flights this time of year. The month of November has already seen multiple arctic blasts in northern areas of the United States, and winter doesn’t officially start until later in December. Freezing temperatures and snow accumulation can have a devastating impact on even the most meticulously planned trip, making TripAssure travel protection a welcome companion for holiday travel this year. In preparation for the possible weather delays, here are the coverage benefits that help relieve the stress of a delay or cancellation.


Missed Connection

Missed Connection in TripAssure Asset, Bridge and Complete plans requires the least amount of time for a delay in order for benefits to apply. This protects when there is a weather delay, or any delay of the common carrier that lasts for three or more hours. Travelers can be reimbursed for additional transportation to rejoin the departed trip, accommodation and meal expenses during the delay, as well as non-refundable trip payments for unused portions of the trip due to the delay, up to the dollar limit of the plan.

A longer delay like this may qualify for Trip Delay benefits.


Trip Delay

Travel Delay is similar, but contains a few other distinctions from Missed Connection. First, the required time of a delay is six hours for this benefit, not three hours. Next, is that Travel Delay more broadly defines the covered causes of a delay: common carrier delay, traffic accident en-route to departure, route closings due to severe storms, quarantine, hijacking, unannounced strike, civil commotion, riot, loss of passports, travel documents, or money. Last, Travel Delay can reimburse expenses for reasonable additional transportation expenses incurred, meals, and transportation.

A more severe winter weather delay might result in a Trip Interruption claim


Trip Interruption

When a winter weather delay extends to 12 hours, Trip Interruption benefits can apply. Trip Interruption can reimburse unused, non-refundable travel arrangements, additional airfare to reach the original destination, return destination, or to rejoin the trip, as well as up to $150 for fees associated with re-depositing frequent flyer miles. The dollar limit of coverage benefits is determined by the amount of trip cost insured with the TripAssure plan. The Asset plan offers up to 125%, Bridge offers up to 150%, and Complete up to 200% of the insured trip cost.

An extensive delay like this may result in the need to completely cancel the trip, not just interrupt.


Trip Cancellation

Very similar to Trip Interruption, Trip Cancellation means the entire trip is scrapped, before it ever began. The covered reasons are identical for these two coverage benefits, which means a 12 hour weather delay of a common carrier could result in either a Trip Interruption or a Trip Cancellation claim for the traveler. In most cases, delays won’t last multiple days, making the option to rejoin the trip a preferable to a full cancellation for many travelers. All three Trip Assure plans can reimburse 100% of the pre-paid and non-refundable trip cost that was insured with the plan.


This information is meant to be an overview of the coverage benefits available for your travel arrangements impacted by severe winter weather (TripAssure Protects Your Luggage too). For full details of coverage, please refer to the plan documents and contact TripAssure with any questions.