| Winter Weather Recap, In Case the Groundhog Is Right |

Yes, Groundhog Day is a fantastic film that many consider timeless (get it?), but it is also the feral forecasting festivity for February. Every year, on the second day of this month, Punxsutawney Phil makes a prediction based on his reaction to whether he sees his shadow. This year, the most famous groundhog’s prediction is for 6 more weeks of winter. With this news, TripAssure reminds travelers how travel protection helps those with trips during frigid conditions. The following benefits are available on all TripAssure plans.


Missed Connection

If a common carrier, usually an airline, delays your travel for three or more hours, Missed Connection benefits can be used. This coverage benefit reimburses travelers for additional transportation to rejoin the departed trip, as well as non-refundable trip payments for unused portions of the trip as a result of the delay. Benefits are available up to the limits listed in the plan.


Trip Delay

Trip Delay is similar, but distinct from Missed Connection. Once the common carrier caused delay reaches six hours, travelers can be reimbursed for meals, local transportation, and lodging expenses during the delay. Travelers must save receipts as they make purchases to process their Trip Delay claim.


Trip Interruption

If winter weather causes a common carrier delay for 12 hours, Trip Interruption benefits can be available. This coverage benefit reimburses the unused, non-refundable travel arrangements, as well as additional airfare to reach the original destination, return destination, or to rejoin the trip in process. Further there is up to $150 available to reimburse for fees to re-deposit airline miles or points. The dollar limit of this benefit is set by the amount of trip cost the traveler insured on the plan. TripAssure offers increasing benefit levels per plan for Trip Interruption: Asset at 125%, Bridge at 150% and Complete at 200% of the insured trip cost.


Trip Cancellation

Similar to interruption, Trip Cancellation is when the 12 hour weather delay causes the trip to be cancelled entirely, before it even begins. Travelers can be reimbursed for 100% of the unused trip cost that is not refunded. Again, the trip cost amount is set by how much trip cost was insured on the plan.


This information is a summary of benefits available for winter weather travel. For specific details, please always refer to the plan documents and contact TripAssure with any questions.